TrueNorth Daylilies
Full sun perennial bed
Meandering thru shade garden
Shade bed
Awaiting visitors
Continuous sound of running water, attracts a wide variety of bird-life
Between flower beds
Shade beds to the front of property
Tending Hostas
Alternate view of series of ponds

The gardens of Hobbs Hollow were featured in the "Beautiful Gardens" issue of Ontario Gardener Living magazine in 2009.

They have been featured on the Big Sister, Big Brother "Heart of Northumberland" Garden Tour.

The beds have been an integral stopping point for the Warkworth Business Association biennial garden tour.

The gardens feature an extensive collection of hostas, lilium and of course hemerocallis.

Narrow paths wind their way through the shade beds at the front of the property.

Three elevated ponds are connected by a man-made stream at the heart of the shade gardens which in turn attract a wide variety of songbirds to frolic in the water.

The eastern edge of the property offers an array of full sun perennial beds. These feature a diverse selection of blooms throughout the season.


A natural pond 20 feet deep is nestled to the rear of the property with native woods in behind. It is often visited by local waterfowl and the water is used in the daylily seedling evaluation and hybridizing beds.


A striking collection of warm and cool season grasses surround a stone fire pit.

A beautiful oasis of colour and nature

And then there are the daylilies...