TrueNorth Daylilies Fall 2022 - Peonies & Fall Bulbs (spring flowering)


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Ready in October for pick-up or shipping.


Pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer.


Some quantities are limited and some may not be available due to crop loss at shipping time.

All pre-orders will be reserved as to first come first served.

We invite you to visit us at the farm nursery in September by chance or appointment:
59 Hutchinson Road (Not Hutchinson Court)
Warkworth, K0K 3K0.


Hibiscus- $25.00, Perennials- $15.00 or 3/$40.00
- Bagged Soil, Gardening Amendments & Garlic & Garlic Powder are also available


Herbaceous Peonies

Abalone Pearl

Big Ben

Blitz Tort

Blonde Vision

Brides Dream

Buckeye Belle

Cactus Jack

Cheddar Pom Pom

Cherry Twist


Coral Charm

Coral Sunset

Dairy Anne

Do Tell

Early Scout

Fuchsia Dragonfly

Francois Ortegat

Gay Paree

Glory Be

Green Lotus

Honey ‘n Cream

Ivory Treasure

Ivory Victory



Jubilee Pink


Marshmallow Button

Over Easy

Pink Firefly

Pink Hawaiian Coral


Raspberry Rumba

Red Charm

Scatterbrain Pink


Sunshine Festival

Sunny Girl

Sword Dance

White Cap

White Gold

Fern Leaf Ten. Rub. Plena

Itoh Peonies


Clouds of Colour

First Arrival


Julia Rose

Kopper Kettle


Magic Mystery Tour

Orange Victory

Pastel Splendor

Scarlett Heaven



Tree Peonies

High Noon



Spring Bulbs

Hyacinth Gipsy Queen

Hyacinth Jan Bos


Daffodil Ice King

Daffodil Congress

Daffodil Sunny Side Up


Tulip Orca

Tulip Pamplona

Tulip Copper Image

Tulip Dream Touch

Tulip Drumline

Tulip Kung Fu


Bartzella Itoh Peony

Hyacinth Gipsy Queen

Tulip Dream Touch

Daffodil Congress

2022 Soil

Fafard 3/1 All Purpose Planting Mix 30/L @ $5.00

Quali Composted Cattle Manure with Peat 28.3/L @ $4.00

Fafard Enriched Black Earth 30/L @ $4.50

Fafard Cedar Mulch Natural 3cu/ft @ $8.00

Quali Grow Potting Soil 28.3/L @ $5.00

Fafard Sphagnum Peat Moss Regular Organic 3.8cu/ft @ $15.00

Fafard Garden Soil 30/L @ $4.00